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Tobacco And Oral Cancers

by | Nov 28, 2016 | blog

Tobacco and Oral Cancer

According to the American Dental Association and leading cancer research organizations around the world, tobacco is one of the causatives of oro-pharyngeal cancer. Oro-pharyngeal cancers refer to a group of diseases that affect the mouth and the throat; these also include life-threating, aggressive malignancies that are capable of metastasizing to other parts of the body.

Tobacco use is not just restricted to smoking. All forms of the substance, whether it is being used in a pipe occasionally, or chewed habitually, are harmful and must be discouraged. Tobacco us has been directly linked with the development of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma, as well as malignancies affecting the lungs. Early manifestations in the mouth include white or red lesions on the mucosa, or the soft tissues, which may otherwise be painless. There may also be changes in the texture of the region, in which case oral screenings and diagnostic biopsies must be done immediately.

Early detection of mouth cancers can contribute to better prognosis and a wider range of treatment options. As the cancer grows, the risk of metastasis increases and the prognosis subsequently becomes worse. Contrary to the popular misconception, it is actually the dental surgeons that are responsible for making oro-pharyngeal cancan diagnosis. This is done by carefully examining both, the hard and the soft tissues of the oral cavity with the help of a mouth mirror during routine checkups. If an abnormality is observed, the dentist can either proceed to performing biopsy at the clinic, or refer the patient to an oncologist for further treatment.

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