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Cosmetic Services

For teeth that have sustained extensive structural damage due to advanced caries or fractures, crowns are advised for the restoration of functionality, strength and aesthetics. Porcelain Crowns, commonly known as caps, are fixed dental prostheses that are fitted on top of damaged teeth with the help of cements in order to protect them from further damage while restoring their function in the oral cavity..

Dental implants are currently the best form of replacement of missing teeth in the field of dentistry. Unlike bridges and dentures, implants replace both, the crown as well as the root portion of the tooth thus protecting the structural integrity of the underlying bone. However, the procedure is surgically invasive and there are certain medical factors that are taken into consideration before deeming a patient eligible for the procedure..

Dental bridges are fixed dental prostheses that are used for replacing missing teeth. Depending upon the location of the missing tooth in the oral cavity, a variety of different materials can be used to fabricate bridges. These prostheses can effectively replace either a single tooth, or multiple teeth in the same arch.
Not all celebrities were born with those brilliant, flawless smiles that they are seen flaunting for fans and cameras – some got a little help from their dental surgeons, and a clever invention called ‘Veneers’. Veneers are, quite simply, fine shells made using porcelain which are bonded on to the facial surfaces of the teeth in order to conceal any imperfections for a picture-perfect smile makeover.o.
Tooth whitening, also known as bleaching, is another popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry today. Almost everyone wants a brilliantly sparkling, pearly white smile and whitening is the best, most efficient way of achieving the perfect results in under an hour. Whitening kits are now commercially available and can be used easily at home.
CEREC is an abbreviation for Ceramic Reconstruction, and Chair-side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. CEREC is the technology that has made it possible for dentists to perform procedures that were previously considered complex and lengthy, conveniently in a single appointment with better precision, quality and efficiency.