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Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide is an anesthetic agent used in medical and dental procedures to ensure a comfortable and painless experience for patients. Nitrous Oxide is also called Laughing Gas because its effects may include light-headedness, tingling and slight giddiness. It is an FDA-approved sedative agent used at leading dental clinics and hospitals across USA.

At dental clinics, Nitrous Oxide is mixed with Oxygen and is then administered to patients via inhalation through masks. A few deep breaths through the mask ensure an entirely painless treatment for as long as it lasts. When administered in limited, controlled amounts, Nitrous Oxide does not have any side effects, and does not pose any threat to the health or well being of the patients.
Nitrous Oxide is not meant to put the patient to sleep; it is only meant to eliminate any pain that may occur during the procedure. The patient is wide awake, and fully conscious of everything happening in the dental operatory. The effects of the gas last for only a short while after the mask has been removed, after which the tingling sensation, light-headedness and numbness gradually subside.

Procedures such as dental extractions, soft tissue surgeries and root canals may be performed with the help of Nitrous Oxide. However there are a few medical factors that are taken into consideration before selecting N2O as the anesthetic agent of choice for a particular patient.

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