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General Services

Root Canal Therapy, or endodontic treatment, is a procedure whereby the pulp portion of the tooth is cleaned and replaced using specialized dental materials in order to relieve infection or pain. Generally, when the extent of caries is limited only to the enamel or dentine, fillings are advised to restore the tooth.

‘Dental Filling’ is a procedure that involves replacing the damaged portion of a tooth with a strong, biocompatible and aesthetically pleasing dental material that is capable of restoring the dental structure and protecting it from further damage.

Dentures are dental prostheses are used to replace missing teeth in the oral cavity. Complete dentures are indicated for edentulous patients (patients with no teeth in their mouth), and contains artificial acrylic teeth that restore speech, masticatory function and even aesthetics. Partial dentures on the other hand, replace only a few missing teeth in the upper or lower arches.