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Full and Partial Dentures

Dentures are dental prostheses are used to replace missing teeth in the oral cavity. Complete dentures are indicated for edentulous patients (patients with no teeth in their mouth), and contains artificial acrylic teeth that restore speech, masticatory function and even aesthetics. Partial dentures on the other hand, replace only a few missing teeth in the upper or lower arches.

While there are other options of tooth replacement in dentistry, such as fixed bridges and dental implants – dentures are the most economical and are preferred by patients when affordability is a major concern. A complete denture is fabricated using acrylic after recording all fine details of the upper and lower dental arches with a series of impressions. Once the denture has been fabricated, a trial is conducted to check whether or not the prosthesis fits on to the arch with minimum or no movement on speech and mastication. The trial is also done to check if the patient is comfortable with the denture – if not, changes are noted and made accordingly. After a successful trial, the final changes are made; the denture is cleaned, polished and placed into the oral cavity. In case of excessive bone resorption, denture adhesives are required to prevent denture displacement in the oral cavity.

Partial metal denture

In case of partial denture, a similar procedure is followed whereby impressions are taken to record details of socket dimensions and surrounding soft tissues. Acrylic teeth thus fabricated using the impression are then fixed using metallic clips that prevent these prostheses from moving during mastication.

Dentures only replace the crown portions of the missing teeth; this means that the underlying bone will continue to resorb over time and this is one of the greatest disadvantages of opting for dentures. However, when affordability is not a major concern, patients can also enquire about ‘Implant-retained Dentures’; these are normal dentures which are fitted into the oral cavity with the help of multiple implants which not only hold the denture firmly in place, but also maintain bone integrity, thus effectively preventing resorption.

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