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Dental Crowns

For teeth that have sustained extensive structural damage due to advanced caries or fractures, crowns are advised for the restoration of functionality, strength and aesthetics. Porcelain Crowns, commonly known as caps, are fixed dental prostheses that are fitted on top of damaged teeth with the help of cements in order to protect them from further damage while restoring their function in the oral cavity.

As the name indicates, these crowns are fabricated using porcelain, a material known for its excellent physical properties. Unlike pure metal, or porcelain fused to metal crowns, these porcelain crowns offer the advantage of excellent aesthetics and are therefore ideal for the restoration of anterior teeth, or teeth that get exposed while smiling. Porcelain crowns may be indicated for:

  • Grossly carious teeth
  • Teeth that have undergone root canal treatments
  • Fractured teeth
  • Permanently stained/discolored teeth
  • Congenital dental deformities such as Amelogenesis and dentinogenesisimperfecta, discrepancies of size and shape, and diastemas (gaps between teeth).
  • Teeth affected by forms of wear such as abrasion, erosion of attrition
  • Teeth with weakened structures that are prone to fractures and other forms of damage if left unprotected.

The procedure is relatively simple and painless in most cases. After selecting the desired shade for porcelain, a dental surgeon first trims the tooth down slightly. Once the tooth structure has been adequately reduced, an impression is taken in order to record the fine details of the tooth. With the help of this impression and the shade initially selected, a crown is fabricated by dental technicians. This crown is then fixed on to the tooth using specialized dental luting cements that guarantee excellent permanent adhesion. The finished crown looks and feels exactly like a natural tooth – it includes all prominent features of the tooth that it covers, and is entirely biocompatible.

For more information regarding our porcelain crowns, the procedure, cost and appointment scheduling, get in touch with the experts at George Turner DDS today – because we’re here to help you smile better!


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