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Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are fixed dental prostheses that are used for replacing missing teeth. Depending upon the location of the missing tooth in the oral cavity, a variety of different materials can be used to fabricate bridges. These prostheses can effectively replace either a single tooth, or multiple teeth in the same arch.

It is important to replace missing teeth due to a number of reasons; firstly, missing teeth become the leading cause of aesthetic concerns and force people to shy away from smiling wholeheartedly in public. Secondly, missing teeth can cause a number of functional problems; for instance, if molars are missing, an individual may not be able to chew food properly, or in case of missing anterior teeth, he/she may find it difficult to speak properly or to bite food. Tooth replacement options also include dental implants, but bridges are comparatively cheaper and less invasive.

The procedure is slightly different from dental crown placement. In case of bridges, natural teeth on either side of the empty socket are trimmed down so as to accommodate ideal bridge seating. Once the height and width of the teeth have been reduced, an impression is taken to record fine details of the region. The impression is then used for the fabrication of a bridge in a dental laboratory.

For the replacement of posterior teeth, PFM bridges are advised. These bridges are fabricated using metal as a base, and are later blasted with porcelain to make them appear more aesthetically pleasing. Because they are made using solid metal, PFM bridges can effectively withstand intra-oral forces during mastication and therefore do not fracture. Porcelain bridges on the other hand are 100% metal free and are thus indicated for the replacement of anterior teeth.

Dental bridges offer an easy, economical and 100% safe means of replacing missing teeth in the oral cavity. They are capable of restoring both, functionality as well as aesthetics at the same time. If you have any missing teeth in your upper or lower arches, book an appointment with the team of prosthodontists at George Turner DDS today to experience the very best of oral healthcare services!


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