Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening, also known as bleaching, is another popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry today. Almost everyone wants a brilliantly sparkling, pearly white smile and whitening is the best, most efficient way of achieving the perfect results in under an hour. Whitening kits are now commercially available and can be used easily at home; however, professional in-office whitening performed by experts offers guaranteed results with 100% safety.

img-11-270x207Dental cleaning, or scaling is done prior to whitening in order to remove any calculus buildups on and around the teeth. A bleaching material is then applied on to the labial/facial surfaces of the teeth carefully with all precautionary measures in place. A special blue curing light is then shone for at least 15 minutes on to the teeth which activates components of the bleaching gel responsible for breaking up stains and whitening the mineralized structures. The gel is then reapplied and the procedure is repeated for two more cycles of 15 minutes each. A total of 45 minutes is thus required for a regular teeth whitening procedure at the dental clinic. Once the whitening has been successfully completed, a de-sensitizing agent is applied on to the teeth and gums to eliminate any chances of post-operative sensitivity or discomfort.

The results are instantaneous and are relatively easy to maintain given that the patients refrains from consuming staining food and beverages (tea, coffee, wine etc), and from smoking. When performed carefully according to the instructions at home, or by an experienced professional at the dental clinics, Teeth Whitening is a 100% safe procedure with promising results for anyone dissatisfied with a pale smile. Other methods of bleaching include whitening pens, strips and gels. Advanced dental clinics and offices use laser teeth whitening for safer, better and faster results.

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