Monthly Archives: August 2016

Diastemas and how they can be treated

Diastemas and how they can be treated Diastema is a name given to gaps that exist between teeth. The diastema can either be present only between two particular teeth in the oral cavity, or it can be generalized. In both cases, it is possible to mask or treat the condition with dental restorative interventions. It…
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Halitosis or Bad Breath

Halitosis or Bad Breath Let’s face it; we may not be as concerned about protecting our teeth from cavities as we are about warding off bad breath. Of course, it is a major social concern and people do tend to judge your personal hygiene practices by the way your mouth smells during the day. However,…
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Dental Cleaning – Ultrasonic Scaling

Dental Cleaning – Ultrasonic Scaling Dental cleaning refers to any procedure that aids in ridding the oral cavity of food debris, plaque and accumulated bacteria – all the things that can contribute to the development of caries over time. This can be practiced at home simply by brushing and flossing regularly, or can performed at…
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